Food Depot is your real savings. Real Simple grocery store.
Low Prices at Food Depot in Pekin illinois

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Click above to see the best deals in town. Save money at Food Depot. Real Savings. Real Simple.

Food Depot is a low-priced grocery store. We offer great deals on National and Private Label brands. Stop by to pick up delicious fried chicken or one of our tasty cakes.

Food Depot's weekly ad will post by Noon on Wednesday. Thank you for being a loyal customer


2111 Court Street • Pekin, IL 61554  

Phone: 309-353-6550

Open Daily 7am - 10pm  

Did you know that you can purchase gift cards to Food Depot? Gift cards to Food Depot make a great gift idea for someone that is on a limited budget and they also make great donations to churchs, food pantries and other non-profit organizations. To purchase a Food Depot gift card, please visit our Customer Service Desk.

We also offer stamps, money orders, and
Western Union at our Customer Service Desk.
Bill pay and lottery tickets are offered
in the liquor store.


Gas Station: Did you know we have an on-lot gas station? It's quick and easy for you to fill up your gas tank and save money when you shop at Food Depot.



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Providing the best everyday grocery values in a clean and bright, easy-to-shop store.